2017-2018 CURRICULUM

Our homeschooling journey began in September of 2016 when my oldest child entered kindergarten. The year had many ups and downs due to the challenges of a new baby, a rambunctious toddler and the 7 month process of building our forever home! Along the way, I learned many things about myself and I am ready to tackle a new year with (hopefully) less stress and chaos. If you are interested in hearing the BIGGEST lesson I’ve learned this year as a homeschool mom, click here.

sddefaultBefore moving into our new home, I posted a Youtube video of our homeschool room and playroom. Since then our homeschool space has changed drastically, but if you are interested in seeing our previous space click here. Most of the posters hanging on the wall I purchased from my local Dollar Tree! They always have excellent resources in their “teacher’s corner”. If you haven’t done so already, stop in and check it out! You can also see my Dollar Tree Shopping Haul video here 🙂

Click here to learn more about my math manipulative printables!

My Favorite Resources!

Keeping Records

Screen shot of the Fresh Grade App!

Here in Florida, one of the homeschooling requirements is to submit a portfolio at the end of the year for a certified teacher to review. I try to keep it simple and use a 1 1/2 inch binder and collect a few samples from each subject at the beginning, middle and end of the year. For the most part it works great, but what about things that don’t fit into a binder? Arts and crafts? Posters and Projects? Field Trips? I wanted to be able to showcase those items, without the clutter or risking them getting destroyed. That is when I found a FREE app called FreshGrade! It is a great resource for teachers, both homeschool and traditional. You can upload images, videos and notes of lessons throughout the year and it can be sent through email to other parents, family members or certified teachers processing your end of year review!

Netflix is your friend.

We pay about $12 a month to have Netflix on multiple devices. We use Netflix at LEAST once a week for educational content. There are a ton of great documentaries and educational shows that relate to our lessons.

Home Depot Workshops

13001151_1326364444044269_6461028357334756778_n.jpgAbout once a month, Home Depot will host FREE kids workshops where they can build all sorts of fun and exciting things! They graciously provide all the materials and the kids have a blast building and painting their projects. At the end, they also receive a pin and certificate of completion! I have been going to the kids workshops since I was a kiddo! I am so happy that I can now take my children to enjoy it as well.